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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Paisley Baby

It's a pool day. No doubt about it. Actually, everyday is a pool day here in Arizona. Especially with the temps over 110 daily.

Where we live each housing community has their own HOA and ours is the only one in town with a clubhouse and a pool and lap pool. It's great for the kids and I get to meet a ton of other moms.

(Connor and Dylan)

When we aren't at the community pool we take a dip at our Aunt Mary Ann's house as she has a private pool in her backyard and I keep telling my husband when we buy a house it's going to have a pool and that's that.

We live in the pool and I tote this ugly ole' beach bag around with me that is SO not me. When we are done in the pool I have to lug soaking wet towels back home with me and it's disgusting but this morning I finally decided to try to find a wet bag. That's when I found this one.

How great is this? Paisley Baby totally just saved my day.. and summer! I want this and I'm going to have it!


cupiedollie said...

Yet another fabulous seller to add to my Etsy favorite! Paisley Baby's market bags and tote bags look fabulous too!! I love the Market Bag in Chocolate Twill and Pink Flower Crystals, great look!

Weird Stuff in my Desk said...

Those are GREAT bags! I love them. I wish we had a pool. Though I don't wish for the 110 heat. he he

Chris & Samantha said...

Hmm! A wetbag is a great idea!

KatieG said...

She has such a great selection!

Maria said...

I just saw this - thank you so much for the nice review!