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Friday, July 11, 2008

Midnight Creations

Yesterday two HUGE boxes of goodies from Midnight Creations arrived for the promo boxes. I graciously emailed the owner Sandy to let her know that they arrived safe and sound and looked out of this world amazing. I'm not going to spoil anything here but the item that she sent in for the boxes was a 1st for us and very cool!

She responded letting me know that there was also something tucked inside for me. I love getting gifts! Especially when they inspire me to show off the gift or blog about it. That's the best part of my job!

Tucked inside the smaller box all gift wrapped with a bow was this really neat coin purse and pocket mirror. The quality on this was utterly amazing! It's fully lined and interlined with fleece interfacing and also has a zipper so that nothing gets out. I also loved the color of the coin purse. She picked out something that was totally me and also that I would totally use. Gotta love that!

I would totally recommend this to others and have personally given everything at Midnight Creations by stamp of approval.


bowlergrl1 said...

OMG...If I start shopping at this etsy shop, I will be in trouble! So many cute things! I spy a lot of Christmas or birthday gifts here.

Michele said...

WOW!!! How cute. Now I have to go check out her site!!!

Chris & Samantha said...

How very nice of her. I just checked out her shop and she has some really nice items!

Stephanie said...

Love the little coin purse and mirror. SO CUTE and perfect for gifts.

KatieG said...

I will definitely be buying from this shop!

Bunny B said...

I love getting gifts too!! *hint*hint* LOL