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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lucky Fiona

Lucky Coco. Coco Keane is a spoiled rotten kitty. I had some money in my paypal account and purchased an adorable collar for my baby girl. I think it's funny that my husband and I are obsessed with our cat. In our eyes she's the most perfect beautiful cat I know. We are lucky we don't have a bratty cat that takes after her parents.

I used to laugh when I would see people spoiling their animals. I'd chuckle when I saw how obsessed they were and how much money they blew. Now, I'm that person. I just spent nearly 15 dollars with shipping and handling to get a collar from Lucky Fiona custom made for my baby. I love the cherries on the material and the little cherry charm. She's going to be so HOT!

They are quite a busy shop on Etsy and it looks like they sell a ton each day. If you are looking to be a little nutty like me, go shop on Lucky Fiona and find something cool for your pet too!

1 comment:

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

Those collars are cute! And don't feel bad about the price. I spent $15 at Petsmart getting Luna a collar for the move and it's not anywhere near as cute as the collars by Lucky Fiona.

How does your cat like her collar? Luna is 9 years old and hasn't had a collar since she was a baby. I got her one for the cross country drive out here so I could hang her tags in case she got lost. She hated it at first - but now she loves wearing it and gets miffed when I take it off to give her a bath.