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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Little Tile Gnome

My staycation* has been the best! I've been swimming and eating really great food. The kids have behaved and in a little bit we are leaving to go to another party. I'm exhausted already and it's only been a few days.

I've noticed one thing about my house though. I don't have coasters! Everyone keeps putting drinks down on my coffee table or end tables and they keep leaving these giant wet rings all over my tables. It's driving me crazy. This morning I went to Etsy to see how many shops sold cool coasters and I found the Little Tile Gnome.

I especially love the ladybug ones. You can pick up a couple different sets and have them around your house. I wonder if they absorb water though? I better send a convo and ask!

*A staycation is something you do when you are too broke from shopping on Etsy or online to be able to afford a real vacation like normal people.


Arty Allsorts said...

staycation - also known as Costa Del Backyard here in UK. I don't know if that would mean anything to most Americans though - it comes from so many Brits descending on the various Spanish Costas during their summer vacations. Hope the weather holds out nice for you :)

Amy said...

I would love to know if those absorb water...my initial guess is no, but if they did... We have lots of coasters, but some stick to the bottom of glasses when it's so hot that the condensation can't help but roll off, and others just let the condensation pool. Nice.

KatieG said...

They have such cute designs!

Chris and Samantha said...

Swimming and eating sounds like fun times to me! We do staycations sometimes too :)

Bunny B said...

Those are sooo adorable! I love their cute designs!