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Monday, July 7, 2008

Kreations by Kathie

Hold on to your wallets and cut up your credit cards!

Kreations by Kathie is having a 30% sale for 2 days only starting July 10-12th. Don't be silly! Stock up on wickless candles and bath bombs now! Don't let me lecture you. If you like Whiff and Sniff you'll LOVE Kreations by Kathie. Her customer service is amazing and turn around time is basically same day.

Oh, and I'm not biased because she's my mom. She's the bomb! She's the bomb at making bombs! Well, she just started making bombs and my kids love them.

I heard Christmas in just around the corner. That means Fall will be here before we know it. I hope I'm enabling you.


Anonymous said...

I love her tarts!

Rose said...

I love the wonderful fragrance of the candles.

Ricki said...

Her new Cinna-Bomb fragrance is da bomb!

Weird Stuff in my Desk said...

Nice sale! I am cut off from buying anymore tarts. Uh in my lifetime. LOL we are moving and I have a 40lb box of nothing but tarts. BUT I did get some Of Kreations by Kathie Tarts in a sampler box a few months back and loved them. Great company!

Chris and Samantha said...

She has quite a variety of scents, yum yum! I enjoy tarts :)