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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kate Black

Secretly I wish I was the type of person that would wear pieces of art to create a stir. I see people when I am walking down the street with the "No Bush" shirts or the "Obama Is My Baby's Daddy" and I get a laugh out of them. I like the stuff that creates controversy but I can't wear it. Maybe this blog and the comments you give me will change my mind and help me stand up for whatever it is I may believe in.

Kate Black's store on Etsy, has all the fun things that you can proudly wear to show off whatever it is you believe in. Are you down with walmart? Are you peeved at people who drive SUV's? Are you childless and kids creep you out? Are you pro-choice? Her shop has a ton of cool things that will allow you to shout your feelings out without really shouting. I think it's very cool that Kate Black is also a very big seller on Etsy. People obviously like her as an artist and she stand by her beliefs. Too cool!


bowlergrl1 said...

Very neat store

Chris & Samantha said...

I visited the store..they have a wide selection of interesting items. Thanks for sharing :)

Chris & Samantha said...

Oh and I'm like you about wearing controversial stuff lol.. I just don't do it.

Bunny B said...

I love buttons! But I rarely wear them. Cute store!