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Monday, July 28, 2008

Jessica Doyle

I must have been in a naughty mood over the weekend. First I'm picking up naughty buttons and then I started buying naughty art.

Jessica Doyle is one of my most favorite artists on Etsy right now. Her artwork is very futuristic. I love all the vibrant colors and shapes.

I can't wait to hear my friends and families reaction to these two pieces of art that I bought. They are SO going in my entry way for everyone to see! I'll totally keep you up to date on the reactions that I get. Maybe even the mail man will appreciate them when he comes to pick up my black boxes monthly. He may blush, but heck, it's all good! If you want to make your friends and family blush like me go see if Jessica Doyle has something for you!


Ashley said...

Hehe... naughty naughty... I love them!

jessicadoyle.ca said...

OMG you rock! I hope you like them. I placed the naughty art in the mail on Monday. Hope you like them :)


Rasberryswrlgirl said...

I must admit they made me blush just a little when I scrolled down your page and saw them.

I did check out her page and I have to say I love her style. She has some awesome artwork at reasonable prices. I've added her to my favorites.

temno said...

They just RULE!!!!