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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm Sad

I have been deleted from Etsy because I sold some June boxes on their site and you are not allowed to sell an item that you haven't completely made. I didn't know their rules at the time and now I do. It really sucks because I love Etsy and lost all of my favorites and everything that was stored in my convo's.

I replied to their emails asking that my account be reactivated and that I promised to no longer sell anything and hopefully they will allow me to have my account back. I would hate to start over. :(

Bad Kim. Lesson learned.

I'M BACK!! Thank you Etsy God, Tim!


Chris and Samantha said...

Ouch! Maybe they will reactivate your account. Not sure how that works. If it does get reactivated hopefully you will get your convos and favorites back.

The Crazy, Crafty Chick said...

Wow! Etsy is hardcore! But aren't the items in the black boxes handmade?

The Little Black Box said...

Yeah, but the email said this, "Artists and crafters can sell things they have made. Some production
assistance is allowed, but the person running the shop needs to have a
large part in creating the items for sale."

Basically since I don't make the stuff that goes in the packages I can't sell them. I only create the packages. Although my candles, which I create, are often in the boxes. Still sucks.

Bunny B said...

Glad you're back! Wordpress is also strict too!