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Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday America!

Here are my favorite finds themed to celebrate this special day. There will be no 'Shop Of The Week' this week in honor of the holiday. Tune in next week for that!

These fabulous buttons at Tessa Ann Originals. Each button is hand crafted using polymer clay, baked and then hand painted. Very cute!

Or how about some festive 4th of July looking soapsicles? These look good enough to eat and actually strikingly similar to the Popsicles that I bought for the twins to munch on today. Don't eat these babies from Annie's Powder Room.

Maybe you are more of a tee shirt person? Or perhaps you are looking for something for your husband or boyfriend to wear. My guy is a tee guy and would totally look smokin' in this tye dye shirt from Get Fruity Dyes 4 You.

My mom's a prim lover and is always purchasing stuff that has that artsy country craft fair feel. This hanging decoration from Half an Acre would be just perfect for her.

I've been eying pendants and necklaces lately. I've never really been a necklace girl because I like a long chain. I prefer my pendants to hang just about between the cleavage. Is that strange? This pendant from jochris12 is pretty cool. I wish I would have found it earlier. I would have totally sported it on the 4th!

Last but not least.. I find these earrings totally and fabulously amazing. How cute are they?! If I would have found these earrings from The Smiling Soul 2 about a week ago I would have purchased them and been the hit of our party tomorrow.

Happy Birthday America!!


Christi said...

those are some great looking things!!

Amy said...

I love the soapsicles! But would hubby try and eat them? Hmmmmmm...

cupiedollie said...

I love jochris12's fused glass pendants, I added her to my Etsy favorites. I see some fused glass jewelry in my future!

Weird Stuff in my Desk said...

Those are all so cool. I love the bold colors. The soapsicles look so REAL!

Chris and Samantha said...

The buttons and earrings are my favs! Really like the design of the earrings..cute.