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Monday, July 21, 2008

Double Dipped Sweets

Yikes! This one is gonna be a dangerous. It's even dangerous for me just looking at all these goodies in their shop. Let's hold hands together and jump into what Double Dipped Sweets has to offer.

Personally I might fist fight you in order to get a taste of that Rice Krispy Treat Caramel Apple. Oh my word! Look how thick that baby is!?! A fresh, large Granny Smith apple is covered in smooth, soft caramel, and then bathed in white chocolate. Then, we cover it generously with marshmallows and Rice Krispy’s. Then, to top it off, we drizzle on more white and either milk or dark chocolate!

Talk about calories.. but oh so good calories! This blog entry is dangerous because I know if you haven't seen this shop before you'll want to shop now! I know I do! Check out the other kind of apples Double Dipped Sweets has to offer.


Ashley said...

Oh wow.... I'm drooling now for sure. That looks amazing!

Migoto_Chou said...

Oh my gosh... Those look so delicious!

KatieG said...

Oh man...those are some calories I might have to indulge in! I love dipped apples!

Double Dipped Sweets said...

Thank you for the great review! I would love to offer all of your readers a 10% discount in my shop! Just mention "The Little Black Box"!

Amy said...

Oh wow...we love to get ones like that from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. They are sooooo yummy. I think the cookies and cream one is calling my name!

Chris and Samantha said...

The Chocolate Caramel Dipped Pretzels look really tasty too.. I see in their shop announcement they aren't currently stocking popcorn due to heat during shipping but they normally have some awesome looking popcorn too.

bowlergrl1 said...

Ok, seriously, all these delish treats, you are very evil posting such tempting stuffs!

Bunny B said...

Oh, wow!! What a treat!