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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Christmas in July Buys

Ok, so I'm dying to share my purchases with you from Christmas in July. I picked up a ton of stuff and spent a small fortune. I can't wait for all of the stuff to arrive. Here is what I got!

I purchased a very nifty looking key chain from Early Bird Creations. It consists of a collection of resin beads strung onto white cotton cord. I've been looking for a cool key chain as I don't have one and there's nothing better then supporting a hip new business. Plus they are in Australia! If anyone compliments me I can tell them about how my key chain traveled over oceans to get to me. I love that! While I was shopping Early Bird Creations I also picked up some earrings which made up of aqua marine bone beads and silver plated leaves. I love this shop!

I then wandered over to Designed by RJ and picked up a couple more pairs of earrings. These one are cool because they are chunky turquoise nuggets and square freshwater pearls dangling from sterling earwires. Gotta get the turquoise in there somehow! It's my color this season. I also managed to place her cool new vibrant dangly earrings from her Color Theory line in my basket as well. Ahh, such is life!

I posted yesterday about my purchases from Jessica Doyle. Yep, I'm a naughty gal with a sick sense of humor. Shoot me. These are going to be fab on my walls. Like Kathy Griffin says, Suck it! If you can't appreciate the naughtiness then you can't appreciate life. Naughty naughty Jessica Doyle. I love you!

I managed to pick up a few gifts for a good friend of mine that just had a baby girl at T & Little S Designs. These two onesies will make the little boys drool. Thankfully I got them sized 18 months so when she's toddling around here in a year she'll be a walking advertisement for all things cool at T & Little S Designs.

I also picked up some little Pink Baby Bootie soaps from Sugarlane Soaps. It was buy one get one at their shop so I threw in some glazed donuts soaps for the twins. Hopefully they won't try to eat them. I'm evil.

I'm a sad sad girl as I guess purchasing 3 pairs of earrings wasn't enough for me. I just had to purchase another pair at Spirit of Silver and 2 more pairs at Luv 2 Have. I'm an earring whore! The more the better! Now, if only I could find somewhere to store all of my earrings.. hmm.. better start looking on Etsy for that!

Finally I picked up one last thing. An amazingly cool print from 3 Lamb Designs titled Little Pink Bells. This print reminds me of home and the cherry blossom trees that bloom in the spring time all over Western Washington. Man, I missed that this year. I bet they were beautiful. At least now I'll have something to look at when I miss that time of year.

That sums up my purchases for the day. It was a blast! I hope you picked up lots of great stuff too!


blueviolet said...

What did we ever used to do without etsy stores?

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

The cheeseburger and fries soap over at Sugarlanesoaps cracks me up.

I'm loving the art print you bought. Soft Pink Whispers is going on my favorites list.

I am now in love with Luv2Have. She has so many lovely pieces. The earrings you got from her are very cool. I love the color.