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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Blue Raven Tea 11 p.m Giveaway

Blue Raven Tea is giving away an assortment of tea that happens to be their best sellers in each category over on their site. If you're a tea drinker then you'll love Blue Raven Tea!

Valued at $25.00!

Here are the rules:

1) Contest is open to anyone in the US or Canada.

2) To have your name entered in the drawing go to Blue Raven Tea and find your favorite item and put the link in your comment. This way we know you're checking out the shops!

3) The contest closes at Midnight EST Sat. July 26, 2008! HURRY up and comment!

4) The winner's name will be randomly generated at Random.org and I will post the winner's name this Sunday: July 27, 2008. If you are the lucky winner - - please check back (be sure to bookmark - - or better yet, subscribe to this blog!) and email me at kim@thelittleblackboxes.com. The artist will mail you their item directly. They will not be coming from me.


Melissa said...

I love black teas, what a huge flavor selection.. I'd love to try the cinnamon roll!


Bram said...

I love a good mystery ~ Mystery Sampler http://www.blueraventea.com/tea_samples.html

K Brantley said...


The Summer Sun tea would be great to have right now!

blueviolet said...

I love the Buckingham Palace english tea!


Amy said...

The Green flavored tea in chocolate coconut sounds sooo good.

Kimberly B. said...

I'd like to try the Sweet Sin Rooibos tea. Yum yum!

Tomiko said...

Everything looks good, but I'm especially intrigued by the Rhubarb Cream tea.

Ricki said...

Sunken Treasure! I love, love, love this one! I found Blue Raven through TLBB and now I am a huge fan.

Jennifer said...

I love herbal teas!

Lady Georgianne's Garden sounds yummy!!!


Christine said...


I'm loving on the Jackfruit tea!

smack said...

the black flavored sampler #1, #2, or #3 all look good!

extemter said...

Covered Bridge (http://www.blueraventea.com/herbal.html) is such an intriguing name! I bet it tastes as good as its description!

emcd03 said...

summer sun tea sounds great http://www.blueraventea.com/blackflavored.html

tjmetz said...

High Seas sounds wonderful!


Anonymous said...

I love the sound of the Hawaiian green tea! I don't think I have ever seen more creative flavors for tea than in your shop.

JanEleven on Etsy

adrian said...

I ordered this the beginning of the month:
Sunken treasure tea.


tscrapper said...

I think the covered bridge and apple streudel teas sound yummy!

sponga said...

apple streudel does sound really good

Lionesse said...

Wow, I'd love to try Athens: http://www.blueraventea.com/destination.html

Kristin said...

Winter Palace green tea sounds so good!


kathy r. said...

I love the scent of pumpkin!!! Going to buy this!!!


pinkeareddog said...

The St Tropez tea sounds mouthwatering, with all those fruit flavors. Especially peach. Yum

pinkeareddog (at) gmail (dot) com

Peggi said...

I have loved Obsidian Spice since the very first time I sampled it-it is out of this world!!!


Shannon said...

I love iced tea. The southern peach apricot is something I plan to try.

Amber said...


The roobios Autumn Harvest looks good

Bonnie said...

What an awesome selection! High Seas sounds yummy for summer.


.Madeline said...


That Athens tea looks so good

leanna said...

I love the Chocolate Covered Berries tea! It's like a guilt-free dessert!


Barbara said...

Love the destination teas!
The cup that cheers but doesn't inebriate!!

Renee said...


because this is a site to me, I want to try a sampler. The Mystery sampler would be extra fun. Suprises are good!!!

Joelle said...

If I had to choose a favorite, I guess it would be the oolongs, especially orange blossom oolong:


It's hard to chose a favorite when everything's so tasty though!