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Friday, June 27, 2008

JD Wolfe Pottery

I happen to belong to one of those families that is always finding a reason for a get together. If it's not a birthday, a graduation, or a holiday then it's a Sunday dinner with the in laws. I also happen to really enjoy this. It's good to feel loved and even better to know that I always have a place to go or be at where I'm wanted.

When I'm shopping at a store or online I'm always keeping my eye out for a cool dish or a neat platter to purchase so that when I'm invited to one of these events I have something to sport when I am told I need to bring that cheese tray or veggie platter.

I found JD Wolfe Pottery about a week ago and marked this item because I instantly fell in love with it. I didn't fall in love with the price but honestly and truly if I had the money I would have snagged it in a heart beat. It's one of the most unique platters I've ever seen and I wish it was mine! It's worth every single penny for the love and labor that was put into making it.

1 comment:

Chris and Samantha said...

It's a really pretty platter.. I like the colors, they mix really well.