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Monday, June 23, 2008


Meet Coco Keane:
She's basically the Queen of the Cat Universe. The apple of my eye and the wind beneath my wings. Most would argue but I think she's the best cat this side of the Mississippi. She's spoiled rotten and knows it. She comes running when she hears the garage door open and heaven forbid you open the sliding glass door to the back yard and step out before her. She'll race.. and she'll win. She's just that good. She's so good that when I'm in Pet Smart or any of those large retail stores I can't stop looking for cat stuff. Well, today I draw the line. I found the collar I'm adding to my wish list. Coco Keane WILL wear this collar. Oh yes, it will be mine thanks to another fabulous find on Etsy she'll be the hottest cat on the block once again.

1 comment:

Chris & Samantha said...

She's so cute! That collar is cute and blingy kinda hehe :)