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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blue Gecko Candles

I stumbled upon Blue Gecko Candles during my search for samples. It's not often that I find someone located less then 15 minutes from me during that search. Located in a suburb of Phoenix is a little known secret that I'm dying to tell you about. Blue Gecko Candles first floored me with their tub treats. It's a little known secret that we all fight over being the person to sample the products that arrive here daily. Most often my twin boys will be my guinea pigs and if it gets their approval then you know it's a good product.

My favorite tub treat offered is their Bubbling Bath Cake. These are pretty nifty as they look like little bath cupcakes.. sprinkles and all! Just toss it in your bath, pop open a bottle of wine and even grab a good book and you have an evening of luxury. I also have my eye on their Frosted Cupcake Soap. Great stuff at this site!


Chris and Samantha said...

Oooh they have honeysuckle scent..thats one of our favorite summer smells. The wrappers on the bath cakes are such a fun touch.

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

I absolutely adore BGC. I have recieved several of her tarts in the Little Black Box. The best ones being Pomegranite Passion. The smell is so amazing and strong that I used them in a drawer to sent my clothes for a long time before using them.

I have had much communication with the seller as well and she is so friendly! She offered to meet me somewhere when I moved her so I could buy products that would melt during shipping. I just got here three weeks ago and I'm busy looking for a job, but I definately plan to take her up on that once I find work.